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  9.0 - Version History

  1.0     2002-01-06   Absolute minimum MFC front end to MSVC++6 DOS based "Fractal Planet" by Mark Santesson. You can get the entire project source here: PlanetGen v1.0
Tested on Win98/2K.
  2.0     2002-02-10   Added property pages, seasons, grid lines, relief map, color selections, corrected memory leaks, temperature range for seasons, Sea surface temperature and desert highlighting. Tested on Win98/2K/XP. (Not Published)
  3.0     2003-02-15   Modeless progress window, resized fonts, simple html help, map naming, options files, menu changes, installer package, code cleanup/reorg. Tested on Win2K/XP.
  3.1     2003-03-17   Added colors and highlighting for new climates of jungles and wastelands. Combined the river and oceans climate colors into a single color. Added a new relief color for coastal areas. Added an overall temperature offset of +- 40 Celsius (about +-50%). Added an overall elevation offset of +- 100 (about +-10%). Eliminated the saving of the allmaps bitmap file. Included the display of the relief map after generation. Added some information on the climates in the help. Changed the default options to show sea surface temperatures and grid lines. Enhanced and enlarged (slightly) the toolbar. Made some feature parameters integers instead of fractional floats for easier user input.
  3.2     2003-03-17   Fixed the open/save persistent path issue. If you saved or opened either a map or an options file to somewhere other than the directory where PlanetGen launched from, the next time you generated a map, it would error out on the map save. I also enabled the new Windows 2000 open/save dialogs if you have Win2K or XP.
  3.3     2003-03-20   Fixed the color shading and highlighting between deserts and wastelands.
  3.4     2003-03-20   Improved the color shading and highlighting for jungles, deserts, and wastelands. Changed the default colors and settings to a larger map, and less iterations.
  3.5     2003-03-22   Resolved the issue with map size if you changed it then reset it or loaded it from an options file the change would not take unless you reselected the size. Added a sea level offset to features. Increased the elevation and sea level height offsets to 50%. Added an AutoZoom to Map/Zoom that will keep your map shape even if you change the map size. Enabled landscape printing as the default.
  3.6     2003-03-22   Resolved an issue with "Save As" not working with theg Win2K dialog style for for saving bitmaps.
  3.7     2003-04-07   Switched the load/save icons in the toolbar. Added the capability to set separate paths for maps and options files that are persistent after quitting. (stored in registry)
  4.0 b1-b5     2003-04-27  
Modified the save bitmap routine to skip the empty palette entry. Added a new integrated application to view the maps wrapped and spinning on a sphere, "PlanetView" which will autoload the current open map and can be run separately. Also added a persistent options file, "PlanetGen_prefs.cfg", which is saved on exit and loaded on startup. Corrected other minor GUI issues.