PlanetGen : Help


  7.0 - Known Issues

  Issue PlanetGen will continue to generate a planet even when you close the progress window or even quit the application.
  Solution Well, to be polite, there is no way provided to interrupt the fractal planet generation once it has started. So, do not close the progress window or quit the application. If you do, you will need to use the Task Manager to kill the process, "planetgen.exe", and release the memory. Start with small size maps first, then work your way up to larger ones as the time it takes to generate goes up dramatically as the size increases.
  Issue After rendering my new planet, I get an error message saying that "planets\myPlanet_climate.bmp" is an invalid pathname.
  Solution Something must have happened to the "planets" subdirectory where PlanetGen.exe is located. Just create a new "planets" subdirectory where you installed the application.
  Issue After changing my map size, but not anything else and keeping the same fixed seed number, I am getting a different planet.
  Solution Check to see that "Auto Zoom" is selected. That will maintain your planet shape should you change your map size and nothing else changes.
  Issue Even after installing Microsoft's latest DirectX 9 on my system, I still can't use the PlanetView program. It keeps saying a compatible Direct3D device is not found.
  Solution What this means is that your video driver is not DirectX9 compatible. Check your video card manufacturer site for the latest driver for your card and see if they have released a driver that is DX9 compliant. If you have an nVidia or an ATI card, then you can go to their website and get a DX9 compliant driver from them.