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  1.0 - Introduction

Being a longtime player of AD&D and DM'ng a few times in the early and mid 80's, I decided to give a shot at creating an entire RPG world map. For this I decided I would try out a fractal terrain program instead of using the old fashioned way of pencil and paper. So, after doing an exhaustive search and trial of various fractal generating programs in December of 2001, I found this gem of a program called "Fractal Planet" by Mark Santesson and quickly recognized it as by far the best one available because it was simple to setup and fast to run and produced beautifully detailed maps. And he even made the complete project source available too!

After running his program in a DOS window a few times, I quickly decided to make my life easier and slap a front end GUI on it to speed up my map making. Since Mark wrote Fractal Planet in Microsoft's VisualC++ 6, I decided to use it and MFC. I bought a book on MFC and proceeded to code away. After I finished, I decided to give my project back to the original author to post on his website which he has kindly done.
Thanks Mark!

You can get both "Fractal Planet" and version 1.0 of "PlanetGen" here: