PlanetGen : Help


  2.0 - Features

PlanetGen has the following features:

   »   Able to quickly prototype entire imaginary RPG world landscapes.
   »   Full color climate and relief maps of fractal generated worlds.
   »   Selection of map sizes from 320x160 up to 3072x1536 pixels.
   »   Control over total land mass, rivers, and islands, and zoom.
   »   Mercator projection maps are suitable for wrapping to spheres.
   »   Seasons, half-seasons and seasonal temperature swing range.
   »   Extra color highlighting for some terrains and sea temperatures.
   »   Ability to skew the overall elevation of land areas.
   »   Ability to skew the overall planet temperature.
   »   Full selection of climate and relief map colors.
   »   Grid lines delineating latitude and longitude.
   »   Options file loading and saving.
   »   Map saving and loading.
   »   Map printing and setup.
   »   Completely free to use.
Future Enchancements

   »   Save the generated fractal world to DirectX 3D terrain (*.x) format files. No ETA.