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Islet Sunset
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Plesiosaur Island
Planet and Moon
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1280x960 218KB
Earth from Moon
800x600 156KB
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1280x960 288KB
Nebula 1
Space Mountain
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Spacestation Oasis
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Gloomy Perspective
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Misty Shore
800x600 71KB
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All pictures listed here are original works and Copyright © 1997-2003 by Lance Gharat.
You may need to adjust the brightness of your display for proper viewing.
The first 7 of these pictures were made awhile back with Bryce2 in 1997. For the money, $169, for Corel's Bryce5, you can't beat this program for what it can do. It's very easy to use and produces images on par with high-end renderers at many times the price. The first picture "Islet Sunset" was created in less than half an hour of opening the box on Bryce2 and I had never even used the demo or anything similar to it previously.
When Bryce3 came out in 1998, it added more file formats AND animation. It also greatly speeded up the rendering engine. Bryce4 improved again on an outstanding product by adding more file formats and again improving the rendering and animation. Bryce4 came out in 1999 was subsequently purchased by Corel from MetaCreations. Bryce5 in 2001, came with more file formats and new built-in effects and enhanced editors. Each version gets progressively better and interestingly, the price goes down over time! Bryce2 was $199.
www.corel.com To use these images as wallpapers, convert them to a windows bitmap (*.bmp) picture by using Windows Paint or a program like Jasc's Paint Shop Pro, then save them to your Windows directory and select it in your Control Panels Display under Desktop background.